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Rediscovering Our Purpose

Sometimes our lives can feel very mundane and cyclical.  We go through the same things day after day.  Same problems and frustrations.  Same traffic.  Same job.  We can begin to lose hope, feeling that there isn't anything more to life than what we see in the now. So,...

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Placing “value” on your marriage

I attended a marriage conference last year through www.unitedmarriage.org with my spouse.  The one thing that really stood out for me that I learned is the term "married singles."  What that means is that although each spouse may be engaged in different activities...

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Media & kids…a good combo?

When the Japan earthquakes and tsunami hit, I couldn't help but have my eyes glued on the tv. The horrific images of rushing waters wiping out villages, nuclear explosions waiting to happen, buildings collapsing down...I was in disbelief on what I was seeing. But, I...

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Letting go, letting God

"Letting go" seems to be one of those inevitable things that happens over and over again in life. It could be letting go of a relationship, letting go of a career, letting go of a past hurt, letting go of control. Ecclesiates 3 talks about a time for everything, and a...

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When life becomes overwhelming

I sometimes reflect back on the challenges and seasons of my life. And if there is one thing I can say with confidence about those seasons is that it "never is easy!" In fact, with each season that passes, things seem to get harder and harder. Life gets rougher. One...

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Managing Your Finances in Marriage

I remember when I first got married. My husband and I did not have much, but we were “in love.” Money did not seem important back then. Fast forward our lives many years later, add a couple of kids, and money becomes a huge need. And unfortunately for many marriages,...

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Aloha and welcome to my counseling blog!

I am excited to start up this blog, to write and share about different life topics that affect us. God always fills us with fascinating, sometimes challenging seasons of life. However, through these seasons is when God forms our character and molds us to be more like...

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